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Holiday Prep

There are few better feelings than setting the ‘out of office’ response on your work email…


I am just 15 hours away from a much anticipated holiday. Preparations for this trip began shortly before the birth of my 2nd child – or at least that’s how it feels. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to not be packing or wearing clothes I ‘don’t want to take’. But it’s all worth it because holiday is close and this time tomorrow I will be sunning myself…on a campsite in, err…. Norfolk.

The boys have embraced the holiday spirit and when I got home from work today we decided to take a trip to buy the all important holiday hats… (and nurofen but that’s not really relevant to the story). We tried on every single hat in the shop – which was entirely unnecessary because there was a Spiderman hat on offer and – let’s face it – it doesn’t get much better than that. We left the shop hats-on, happy and fully prepared for the Norfolk sun. Our spirits couldn’t even be dampened by forgetting the nurofen and having to go back in.

Pre-holiday bedtime went extremely badly – I’ll put it down to holiday excitement. Fortunately Faith dealt patiently with the increasingly moody 4-year-old as I was about to lose my cool and ban him from the holiday – which probably wouldn’t have been a smart move. Tomorrow will bring car-Tetris as I try and fit everything we own into our Vauxhall and a sweaty journey that takes three times longer than it should. BUT…at the end of the journey will be holiday fun and time to breathe. I can’t wait.

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