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How To Save The World

Long before Adlai was born, various people began cheerfully informing us how expensive the whole adventure of bringing a child into the world was going to be. Recently, though, I have discovered a way in which my son saves me money: I now have no need for an alarm clock. I’ve pulled out the plug. Together my son and I are going to save the world a little bit of electricity at a time.

Instead of being woken up by the radio or that annoying buzzing sound, I get to wake up to Adlai’s excited shouts. He is not crying; he seems simply to be testing out his vocal range. He accompanies these shouts with wiggles and kicks. When he spots me looking over at him he freezes and stares at me for a while. We wait like this until I say ‘hello, mate’ (or something similar, I’m not very imaginative first thing in the morning). After a little grin, the arm and leg wiggling recommences (from both of us) and our day begins.

Not being one to laze about the house, Adlai is equally active throughout the day. He is currently putting some serious work into rolling over. He has nailed it up to the halfway point but it is at this stage that one arm gets stuck underneath his body and he can go no further. He jiggles about for a bit before deciding to settle for this position and begin sucking on his free hand. I’ve watched him get stuck at this halfway stage so many times I began to wonder if it is possible to roll over at all, so I decided to give it a go… and it turns out that it is perfectly possible.

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