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I left my heart in America

America is very different to England. The main difference this week is that Faith and Adlai are in America, not England. I on the other hand am in England.

When we booked the tickets it all seemed to make perfect sense. The flights are the most expensive part of our trip and Faith doesn’t have to be back for work. So it was decided that Faith and Adlai should continue their America tour for an extra ten days to maximize family time. As I said goodbye to them, the decision seemed to make a lot less sense. Adlai didn’t understand, Faith was upset and I didn’t want to go

I remember thinking on the flight over that the flight back might be quite nice; 8 hours of doing nothing but sitting and ‘enjoying’ the in flight entertainment. I was wrong. The in flight entertainment was terrible (never watch ‘The Vow’) and I missed my family. The idea of some time to myself at home seemed appealing too. Again, I was wrong. There’s no one to talk to, no one to welcome me home and everything is strangely quiet. I miss the mess and I miss the shouting. I keep thinking I hear Adlai shouting from his bedroom. It’s weird.

So far I’ve made it through 3 days and I have 7 to go. Including one weekend, which I think might be worse. America is different to England in may ways, but the only one that matters is that my family are in the land of the free, not the green and pleasant land.


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