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I’m a Grown-up Now

I spent today looking for a solicitor


No, I’m not in trouble – I’ve bought a house. Well, almost. After a long, long, long time looking, Faith and I have finally found a house we think will be just right for our family. It’s near a few friends of ours and near a nice little school and has a nice big garden for our growing boys to run in. 

I feel grown up. You would think after having a job and getting married and having two kids, I would feel like an adult. But this is a new level. I am buying a house. They don’t let kids do that. 

It’s all a bit surreal. A few short years ago, I had no kids, no job, no car, no house. Faith and I had just moved back to England and were a bit at a loss for what to do with our lives. We felt like directionless teenagers. So much has changed in just five years, and we’re mostly just really grateful. We feel a bit undeserving and in disbelief that we’re buying an actual house. It has doors and a windows and a cooker and everything. 

I have grown-up friends who have bought houses – I know we’ve still got a few hurdles to jump over. But I’m celebrating this first step: we found one. We are almost home.


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