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I see sleepy people.

I once heard someone say that if you don’t sleep for 48 hours you start hallucinating. I don’t know if that’s true but for some reason I’ve repeated this piece of information as if it’s hard fact for as many years as I remember. Being a parent there are times when I have come close to finding out if the statement is true… now is one of those times.  If sleep made you fat, I would guesstimate that Faith and I would be invisible from profile. Yep…I’m suffering.

At this point I feel that I should inform you that Adlai has been sleeping through the night with very little fuss for the past few months. It’s only when he’s poorly that he wakes up and requires a little attention. This week he has (according to the strangely non-committal doctor) either hand, foot and mouth or chicken pocks… but probably neither.

In the middle of the night it is impossible to think rationally. As the minutes of crying turn into hours and Faith and I lie wide awake wondering how long to leave the little fella, I am fairly convinced that it is literally the end of the world. I can’t remember the colour of the sky or what it feels like to laugh. The following day I try to explain why I can barely string a sentence together and why I’m walking around looking even more confused than usual to my co-workers. Some look sympathetic; others slightly confused.

 As yet I have not had any hallucinations as far as I am aware, although I’m not sure how I’m meant to know if I have one when I am on my own. I guess I should regularly check with myself to see if things appear ‘normal’.  Maybe I’m having one right now.

 If not, I am half-hoping for some sort of hallucinatory episode before next week as I think it would make one heck of a blog.  


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