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Imminent arrivals and loose ends

I’m excited to welcome my new son to the world any day now, but I wouldn’t be honest if I said it was all sunshine and rainbows.

I’m sure we had a lot more time to do jobs when we were preparing for Adlai to be born. He was 10 days early and there were a few loose ends to tie up, but nothing like this.

Poor Faith spends her days waddling around the house, trying to explain to Adlai why she can’t pick him up or chase him to the park. When I get home from work at night, she is knackered, there are things all over the floor that she can’t bend down to pick up, and Adlai is desperate for a good wrestle or a race to the park.

By the time all that is done, it’s time to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. We’ve got a long to-do list that seems to just be getting longer. Every time we mark off one thing, like “Collect the Moses basket from my auntie’s loft”, we add five more, ranging from washing baby clothes to rearranging furniture to cleaning out the infant car seat. It’s all a bit much really, and we’re struggling to keep up.

On top of all that, Faith isn’t sleeping well at night, so she plans to catch up on jobs during Adlai’s nap every day, when she has a few uninterrupted minutes, but keeps falling asleep before she can do anything.

The good news is, the hospital bag is packed, we have baby clothes and a car seat and a place for him to sleep (the aforementioned Moses basket), so really I guess all the basics are taken care of. And if we have to bath him in a saucepan, or give his blankets a blast from the hairdryer to get them ready after he gets here, I suppose that’s not the end of the world.

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