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Medicine-flavoured Fruit

Adlai has recently begun experimenting with food. Part of this experimentation has involved eating but mostly it has consisted of squishing various fruits in his fists and throwing what remains onto the kitchen floor.

It must be incredible to taste things for first time. Adlai’s current favorite fruit is, without question, the strawberry. He absolutely demolishes those things. Before he first tried a strawberry we had given him some Calpol which, according to the box, is strawberry flavoured. It made me wonder if when he first tried the real strawberry he thought…

“Mmm…Calpol flavoured.

A recent trip to my hometown led to an influx of toys. Amongst them were a toy I am going to call ‘walker’ and another I will call ‘jumper’. Both of these have been a big hit with Adlai. As you may have guessed by their names, one encourages walking and the other jumping. Despite all this Adlai has not taken to jumping in the ‘jumper’ which currently hangs from our living room door. Instead he likes to just hang and gently turn in circles. The walker too has not seen much walking, but in Adlai’s defence he is a little too short for it and can only stand on tip-toe, making the whole project a little more tricky.

We’re trying not to put too much pressure on him for the walking and jumping, however. After all, learning to eat is probably enough for this week.

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