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MomTalk: A Food Review

If you notice the Wednesday blog has a bit of a feminine tone, it’s not because Simon has started taking estrogen supplements. It’s because he’s asked me – his wife, Faith – to guest blog this week.

I know what you’re thinking: “This isn’t MomTalk. Actually, you’re probably thinking “This isn’t MUMTalk” but, as an American, I find it extremely unnatural to type a “u” between those two Ms.

Anyway…let’s get down to business.

A few weeks ago, the nice people at Organix asked if we’d mind trying some new products out with Adlai and letting you know what we thought. They’re called Mighty Meals, and are chunky meals, “ideal” for toddlers aged 1-3.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that at 8 months old, Adlai is a bit younger than the “ideal” age, but we thought we’d give it a go anyway. Since introducing him to solids at around 5 and a half months, we’ve been doing a bit of a mixture of purees and “baby-led weaning” with Adlai. If you’re like Simon and hate all the baby jargon, “baby-led weaning” (or BLW) is basically just letting your kid eat regular food – the same food you eat, without all the salt and bad stuff – instead of squishing everything up in a food processor until it’s unrecognizable.

Besides the occasional panic of watching him gag on a piece of toast or a blueberry, the whole BLW thing has gone quite smoothly, and it’s SO much less work that making purees – not to mention cheaper than buying jars of baby food!

That said, I was pretty sure Adlai was ready to try the Organix Mighty Meals in spite of his young age. Not to be smug but…I was right.

So far Adlai has tried two of the Mighty Meals recipes. The first one – Organic Tomatoey Beef Bolognese – was ridiculously successful. The chunks in these “chunky” meals are the perfect size for our little man’s mouth. Also, he hadn’t tried pasta before this, so I was slightly nervous we were in for another gag-a-thon, but it’s cooked so soft he chewed it just fine – even with his still toothless little gummies.

He also tried Organic Lamb Hotpot. (Maybe at this point I should just go ahead and tell you – they’re ALL organic. Hence the name Organix. Clever.) This one was also super easy for him to handle with his little gummies. No big chunks, just lots of really nicely cooked soft peas, carrots, potatoes, and lamb mince. He chowed down on it but, although he can’t yet talk, I could tell he wasn’t quite as keen on it as he was the Beef Bolognese.

Now, if Adlai is below the ideal age, I am way, WAY above it. But, I confess, I tasted this one and – believe it or not – it was pretty good. Obviously my grown-up taste buds would’ve added a bit of salt, but the mixture of organic meat and veggies and lots of nice herbs and spices was dee-lish. Also, you know when you eat something and you can just tell it’s good for you by the way it tastes? Like your body is saying, “Thank you!”? Yeah, that happened.

In the next week or two I’ll be back to tell you about the next two meals, but don’t worry: Simon will be return soon to up your dose of testosterone-driven Dad blogs. Until then, I’ll give him your love.

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