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Moving Out

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13 Sep 2011

It has been a big week for our whole family, not least for Adlai. Our little family moved house over the weekend – from an upstairs flat to a terrace house – Adlai is finally sleeping in his own big cot (he’s made do in a variety of beds over the first 9 months of his life), and – and this is the biggest one – he’s moved into a room of his own.

In our flat, Adlai stayed in our room because it was big enough to accommodate all three of us, and our spare room was downstairs and too far away from our room for our liking. But as our little boy has gotten older, it’s become more urgent for him to move into his own room – if for no other reason than we’re hoping we’ll sleep through all his grunts and gurgles.

We were worried about how he’d take the move, but he doesn’t seem too bothered. Over the last nine months, he’s slept at friends’ houses, in the car, at church. He probably thinks we’re just visiting and hasn’t clocked that we’re here to stay.

His sleep hasn’t been totally uninterrupted though. Apparently he’s (finally) teething. That’s right: the lack of sleep, excessive amounts of drool, red cheeks, and numerous poos seem to be pointing to the fact that he’s cutting his very first tooth. After many false alarms and sleepless nights, we’re hoping this time it’s for real. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the little man looks like with a mouth full of teeth.

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