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My Happy Place

Sometimes I find myself in weird seminars – in those weird seminars you are told to clear your head and go to your happy place…


In these weird seminars the leader usually walks you through various steps all designed to improve confidence or whatever… it doesn’t really work for me because I prefer to stay in my happy place. For some it’s an exotic beach or a tropical paradise – for me it’s a remote pebbled beach on the North Norfolk coast. This week though I didn’t have to imagine – this week was time for a holiday in my happy place.

When we arrived at our usual holiday destination, we were worn out from a four-hour car journey that should’ve taken two hours. We were also worn out by six months of work and routine with no breaks. For some reason, we hadn’t bothered to leave our hometown for more than a day at a time for the first half of 2015.

The caravan we were staying in had no phone signal, no wifi, no 4g – not even 3g. It did have an ancient TV with a screen about the same size as my smart phone, and a very dodgy antenna. Faith, a photographer, brought her laptop so that she could at least edit some photos while we were away, but we soon discovered she’d left the charger behind. 

It took about 24 hours, but soon we were well on our way to embracing our new “unplugged” lifestyle. We walked to a hilltop once or twice to check there were no emergency calls from family members, but other than that, we lived happily disconnected from the outside world. 

We ate fish and chips by the sea, rode on too many miniature trains to count, and drank coffee on that pebble beach I love so much. I also am certain I carried my youngest son something like 40 miles over the course of the week (he’s 2, which means he’s very keen to walk by himself, but can only make it several metres before giving up and begging to be carried).

Back in the real world the and the North Norfolk coast has gone back to being the happy place I go to in weird seminars. But, all is not lost I brought a few pebbles back with me so I can have my own portable coastline but somehow it’s just not the same. 


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