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Naked in the Summertime

In England we don’t do heat gracefully. At the briefest sign of a break in the rain we take our tops off, fire up the barbeque, get even more angry than usual when we are stuck in traffic, head for the nearest park and don’t come inside until our skin turns deep red.

Adlai has embraced the summer. He’s never been a huge fan of wearing clothes and with the summer in full swing he has permission to walk around in nothing but his nappy. When he heads for the back garden, the nappy comes off and he climbs into his paddling pool, encouraging everybody to join him. On account of the neighbours, Faith and I keep the majority of our clothes on in the paddling pool but I like to think we still embrace the fun of the activity. I’m pretty sure the little fella would stay in that paddling pool all day and night if we’d let him, but being the spoilsports we are we do insist on going to bed at some point.

It must be strange going to sleep when the sun is so high in the sky. We’ve never invested in blackout blinds, though we’ve always meant to. However, perhaps due to his paddling exploits Adlai has not had any trouble dropping off.

In other summer-related news, I invested in a barbeque at the weekend. Having lived in a flat last summer it was deemed inappropriate to have one before now. I bought it in flat pack format from a large retailer. If the barbeque had been any further back on the production chain they would have needed to include a welding kit. I carried on regardless and constructed it in the garden in the heat of the day. I did keep my t-shirt on, but became angry irrationally quickly when Faith asked if I needed assistance. But I finished the project, with spare parts (worryingly) in record time. I was soon grilling a whole bunch of beef (which we consumed in the paddling pool) and feeling ever so summer-y. 

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