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Night As I Know It

Night times will never be the same again. They have become short periods of sleep divided by feeding and sometimes crying (usually Adlai’s, occasionally my own). It’s true that the burden falls heaviest on Faith and my role is moral support and the odd nappy change. Up until this week, it hadn’t really mattered that we’d been getting up at strange hours, but I went back to some kind of reality as I started back at work.

It’s weird going back to a world where not everybody is talking about babies. It comes as quite a harsh realization that the world has carried on. Business as usual. While I’ve been discussing poo colour, the world has been at work. My wife says that she finds it particularly strange now that she is not pregnant and when Adlai’s not with her, people don’t smile at her and get out of her way like she’s become accustomed to.

Over the Christmas period we (Adlai) picked up a number of toys, one of which is meant to help the sleeping predicament. It plays your choice of lullabies or nature sounds and projects what I think are bears jumping over a moon onto the ceiling. I’m not sure if it’s helping Adlai, but Faith and I are thoroughly enjoying it.

I saw in the New Year away from my new family: I was working. It’s quite an adjustment going back to the real world. I do, though, have a new reason to go to work. Making money and all that stuff makes a little bit more sense when you’re doing it to support your family.

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