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Nine Months Old

As of today Adlai has spent more time out in the world than inside the womb. Yep, he is nine months old. Frighteningly he is starting to look like a little boy rather than a baby. He is starting to develop his own personality and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know him.

Although we are still waiting for any teeth to appear, Adlai has continued to expand his palate. Fruit and veg are a big hit, particularly avocado – although it does have an interesting effect on its way out of the little fella’s system if you know what I mean.

Adlai has also developed a real love of games. Peek-a-boo would probably be his favorite. I’m pretty sure he’d play that game for eternity if I had the energy. We’ve also discovered that singing will just about prevent any crying. Most songs will help, but there is one in particular that has proved invaluable. I believe it’s called ‘Skinimerinkidink’. You’d be forgiven, judging by the title, for thinking that it’s a song in a foreign dialect – Finnish perhaps – but you’d be wrong. It’s just another nonsense song. But I love a bit of nonsense and, turns out, so does my son.

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