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No Power Tools, No Solid Stools

I began the week with two fully functioning arms and a sewage pipe that let poo pass through it. I have ended the week with just one functioning arm and having to go to a friend’s house to do a Number Two. Let me explain…

In my job I get to do some pretty awesome stuff. This week I was playing football with the MK Dons. I was having a brilliant time and enthusiasm must have gotten the better of me, as I volunteered to go in goal for the penalty shootout at the end of the session. My over-enthusiasm didn’t end there, as I threw myself (mostly unsuccessfully) after every shot that came my way. On the first or second shot I heard a crack and felt a pain in my left shoulder, so obviously I dutifully finished the penalty shootout and spent a few hours in my office. The pain didn’t go away, and one of my managers forced me to go to A&E. Turns out I’ve fractured my shoulder. In true NHS style the doctor informed me in the following way: 

“Yes, you have fractured your shoulder and there is something that is not quite straightforward….

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