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No Room in the Inn

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I have an A-level in Drama. Sadly, I left my theatrical aspirations at the front door of my sixth form. But I’m happy to report that my eldest son is following in my dramatic footsteps.

Yes, Adlai has been given a big part in his pre-school nativity play. No, he’s not Joseph, or Baby Jesus, or even a wiseman; he’s the innkeeper. He even has a line! I bet you can guess what it is. You got it: “There’s no room in the inn.”

We’ve practiced it over and over again, and I’m confident he’s going to nail it. Although, he does look a bit confused when he says it. He can’t understand why there’s no room “in”. He says it sounds a bit silly. I’ve explained to him that it’s like saying there’s no room in the hotel (thankfully, his grandparents were recently visiting from America and stayed in a hotel, so he does understand that one). He sort of gets it, but he’s still not convinced it makes much sense.

He’s mostly excited about singing “Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star”, which he has practiced approximately 346 times at the dinner table, and standing next to his best friend, who will be portraying Joseph, by the manger.

Yes, Faith and I are pretty sure he’s on his way to stardom. And we’ll both be those parents we thought we’d never be: recording his every move on our phones from the front row, beaming with pride. No, the innkeeper isn’t traditionally the star of the nativity play, but ours will be.  

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