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Not my finest moment

Nothing could have prepared me for the moment when my wife, Faith, told me she was pregnant.

At the time, we were staying with my parents after a trans-Atlantic move; we had no house, no jobs and no car. My initial reaction was to relay these facts to my wife, which I admit wasn’t my finest moment. I was, and to some degree still am, petrified.

After taking approximately ten increasingly expensive pregnancy tests (just to make sure) and having it confirmed by a doctor, we both started to believe that we were actually going to have a baby. I was quite eager (to say the least) to get things moving. So I bought a car.

The stay at my parents’ was meant to be very temporary, but getting a job was proving to be no easy task. When Faith told me she was pregnant, we’d been living in the room I grew up in for five months – not a great place to start a family. The same day, as we took number nine of the ten tests, we received a text from an acquaintance telling us they had a spare room if we were interested. It was just a room, but it was in the town we’d been planning to move to. We were excited.

Within a few weeks I was in our little car, with my wife (who’d since begun to throw up religiously), heading to our new room, in our new town.

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