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I’d just come downstairs after putting Adlai to bed. A few minutes went by before I heard the little fella crying in his room. Faith was out, and the crying was nothing unusual.

So I began what has become a daily hunt for the TV remote. It usually comes after making the living room look less like a bomb site and before assuming a semi-vegetated state. The crying though, got worse so being the attentive dad I am I decided to go and check that everything was okay.

Adlai’s vocabulary is getting more impressive by the day, but what he said next in his pitch black room freaked me out…

“What’s wrong?? I asked.

In between hysterical crying and pointing at the corner of the dark, empty room, he replied “Nurse!!! Nurse!!!”

Err.. “Nurse?” I said nervously. “Do you mean something hurts?”

“No… Nurse.” Oh cripes.

I looked where Adlai was pointing and thankfully didn’t see a nurse. After a few cuddles Adlai calmed down. I, however, felt less calm. I didn’t take my eyes off the corner of the room. I prayed my best prayers. Checked for weapons I could use if this nurse showed herself. But she never showed.

I’m not sure why a nurse would be so scary. Obviously a nurse out of context is, when one comes into your room uninvited, that is both scary and rude. Nurses though don’t generally (a far as I’m aware) just stand in the corner of dark rooms. If they do I’m not sure why I pay national insurance. Soon enough the crying stopped but I still needed something to calm me down. I thought a bit of TV would do the trick. But when I found the remote, the batteries were missing. The search continues. Perhaps the nurse took them.

Pesky nurses.

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