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Olympic void

As I’ve already mentioned a few times, along with the rest of the island, I loved the Olympics. From start to finish. Everything. My life now feels strangely empty. TV shows that used to entertain me now seem pointless. And I miss Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and the gang. I miss checking the BBC website every few minutes at work and finding Team GB have won a new medal. I miss it all.

With my life seemingly void and pointless we decided to book three flights to the land of the free, home of the brave…USA.

It only cost us all the money we have and what was left of our souls. We spent several evenings checking thousands of websites making sure we found the best deal. In the end we’ve decided to brave a trip, which incorporates a lay over. I know, wild. It was the cheaper option and we even managed to convince ourselves it would be better for Adlai. We thought a break ¾ of the way through our travel in a massive airport might be just the ticket. So we’ve done it. We’re going. 

The American half of our family has of course, joyfully welcomed the news of our imminent travel plans. And we are just as excited as they are. Adlai is going to absolutely love it. Faith’s parents live on what the Americans would call a ‘small holding’ but we would class as a farm. Adlai has been introduced to various animals and tractors through Skype and has barely been able to contain his excitement. When he sees it all in person I am thinking there is a possibility he will implode. 

So, it’s cost me a few quid, but Adlai, Faith and I have been able to overcome the post Olympic depression courtesy of American Airlines. 

Plus…the Paralympics start in 14 days 23 hours. Goodness knows what I’ll have to buy once that’s over. 

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