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Six Hours at War

I would like to claim victory in the battle of the boob. For six nights now Adlai has slept right through the night. We are starting to feel a bit more like human beings. I’ve been struggling to believe that I won’t be called into duty in the night, and I’ve been sleeping really lightly as a result, but the other night something amazing happened: 

I slept for six straight hours. I literally can’t remember the last time that happened. I even had a dream I was in World War II… it was kind of scary actually and when I got up for a wee I was most on edge. Before I went back to sleep I pulled my cricket bat out of the cupboard so I’d be ready if there was a midnight invasion.

When I told a friend who doesn’t have a kid the exciting news of sleeping six straight hours, they looked at me as if I was mental.

Seriously, I woke up at 4:30am (having fallen asleep at 10:30pm) and I felt amazing. I briefly considered going for a run, before my senses returned and I went back to sleep in my fantastically silent house.

Yep…nighttimes have been very different since Adlai was born. If we manage to stay up to 10:30pm we feel like we’re being wild. If one of us has a lie-in we still get up at 8:30am. Then we say stuff like ‘I feel like I’m wasting the day away.’ That’s the kind of thing grownups say. I remember my parents saying it when I was a teenager and finding it really annoying. Soon I’ll say stuff like ‘Ohh, it’s too cold to snow’ and ‘if the wind changes direction your face will stay like that’…

Scary stuff.

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