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Sleep is Boring

Between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, our house has felt like the eye of a storm. Tumbleweeds blow across our living room and the silence is only broken by the sound of a babbling brook coming from Adlai’s bedroom.

I should point out at this stage that our flat is nowhere near any sort of brook. The noise is being artificially generated by Adlai’s noise machine. I’m not sure how much Adlai likes it but Faith and I have become quite fond of it. We don’t always go to sleep to the sound of a babbling brook, sometimes we’ll listen to ‘Pacific Ocean Waves’ or, when we’re feeling particularly crazy, the dulcet tones of ‘Relaxing Rain and Light Thunder’.

But the peace has been disturbed, invaded by the shouts of excitement from our son. The naps aren’t working. The afternoon baby-free hours when our flat returned to being an adult zone have been lost. These precious hours gave Faith and me the opportunity to recuperate from all the fun of the morning and repair the flat in preparation for another action packed afternoon. We are hoping that Adlai’s willingness to sleep in the afternoon returns before our sanity vanishes. I don’t think the sounds of the brook are the issue. I certainly hope not – I love that brook.

Adlai has now perfected rolling over, which could be one of the issues preventing his sleep. He seems to want to practice his new move at every available opportunity, even when lying in his crib. On a couple of occasions I’ve gone to have a word with Adlai when he’s not been sleeping only to find him having attempted the rollover maneuver. Somehow he manages to get his leg and sometimes arm stuck in the side of his crib. I can understand why this is not a comfortable sleeping position.

It has to be said that another reason for Adlai’s reluctance to sleep in the afternoons could be that we’ve just been having too much fun. So this week I plan to be a bit more boring and see how that works out. I’ll keep you posted.

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