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Smart Phones vs Fathers

A 16 year old today is more likely to own a smart phone than have a resident father. That’s according to a report called ‘Breakthrough Britain 2015’.

Which got me thinking. What’s better – a smart phone or a Dad? If I wasn’t here, but I left my iPhone, would Adlai and Koa really notice?


What did I do this evening? Could my phone have replaced me?

Upon arriving home from work tonight, the first order of business was wrestling – and in this area my phone really can’t compete. It would seriously lose. I mean it’s 4 inches tall – don’t be ridiculous. You can download a wrestling moves app though – which gives you ideas for fresh moves. So if my phone did ever manage to sprout legs and arms it might be able to hold its own.

We then went on an adventure walk in the dark and to be honest, besides the actual walking (albeit quite a big part of the activity) my phone could probably handle it. It has a torch so you can see where you are going and GPS so you always find your way home. Well played, smart phone… well played.

Dinner. I wasn’t involved particularly in dinner apart from eating it and helping Koa with his. At one point Koa choked a little bit on some leek and I was able to prise it out of his mouth – my phone could not have done this. It is however able to download a first aid app, which would mean the medical knowledge of my phone would far outweigh my own.

After dinner, Koa and I watched ‘In the Night Garden’ whilst we cuddled on the couch. We did miss the start – which my phone would never have done (it has a TV guide) but it’s really not very cuddly at all. 

I did Koa’s bedtime tonight, while Faith took a turn with Adlai’s. My phone might struggle with the nappy changing –but my phone will tell you a story – it will even incorporate you into the story and that always goes down well with the boys.  My phone can play you rain noise and even turn on atmospheric lights to help you drift off. Yep, my phone could probably handle bedtime.

So this evening my phone might have struggled on its own. It would have left Koa staring at (and possibly choking on) his leeks, watching ‘In the Night Garden’ on his own and sent him to bed in a nappy full of poo. Technology has come a long way, but I think that we can rest assured that when it comes to Dads – there’s no app for that.

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