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The Battle for the Boob, Part II

In one corner, weighing in at 25 pounds, the reigning champion of the Battle of the Boob – Adlai.  And, in this corner, weighing in at…um…that is…a very flattering, lovely weight…his mom, Faith.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Battle for the Boob has kicked off again.  You’re probably thinking Adlai is getting a bit old for this, and you’re right, he is.  That’s exactly why the Battle has commenced once again.  At 16 months, we have decided it’s time to end Adlai’s attachment to the boob once and for all.

This month, Faith and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary, and we’ve got plans to go away on a romantic getaway in a couple of weeks, so that has pretty much pushed us into a must-do situation on the weaning front.  It’s time, seriously, but everyone has gotten a bit too comfortable with the current breastfeeding situation, as Adlai’s continuing morning feed means we can all snuggle in bed just that extra 20 minutes every morning, and I’m sure you’ll agree that 20 minutes makes a lot of difference.

But no, the time has come, much to Adlai’s dislike, for breastfeeding to come to a close.  This week the morning feed has ended, and in a week or two, Faith will close up shop for good (or until we decide to have another baby – but that’s not happening yet, don’t get any ideas).  Anyway, let the battle begin.  Though I’m sure my son will put up a good fight, I think I’ll put my money on his mother this time.  Trust me – she seldom loses.

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