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The getaway

I spent Saturday morning packing all our worldly possessions into my car. Despite upgrading to a family appropriate vehicle about a year ago, it was not without difficulty.

Fortunately, I spent a large portion of my youth playing Tetris on my brother’s gameboy, so I successfully overcame the buggyboard vs moses basket predicament, and we were on our way to a week in the sun…or partial sun at least.

The journey should have taken 2 hours. It took 4. Adlai’s high spirits took the form of occasional screams of joy. This woke my 10-week-old son and screams of doom rained down.

Exhausted from the preparation and journey, we arrived at our destination. We took a quick trip to the nearest beach to remind ourselves why we went to all the bother, and then it was time for bed…or so we thought.

As it turns out, Adlai can comfortably climb out of his travel cot, which he did for the next 2 hours despite our best efforts to prevent it. Our holiday was feeling anything but. Eventually it was time for me to go bed anyway, so I decided to bed down beside my eldest’s cot. This did the trick and before we knew it, it was morning. The sun was out and we had some serious fun to get down to.

Trains, beaches and trains all awaited us. Sleep or no sleep, or this holiday is about to get crazy.

image: © Catzovescu | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

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