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The Great Outdoors

At 6:53am this morning Koa was shouting from his cot trying to get my attention. After a few minutes of confusion somewhere between sleep and Tuesday, I rolled out of bed and made the short walk to the room/corridor where my youngest son sleeps – well I say “sleeps” – he’s not been doing too much of that lately. I found my Koa pointing and ‘talking’ enthusiastically at his changing table.

When I picked him up the further we got from the changing table the louder and more desperate his cries became. After handing him every toy, diaper, and medicine from the table Koa was still unsatisfied. Until I passed him his shoes. It was 6:54am, he had his pyjamas on with a nappy full of pee but he was ready to get out the door.

I tried to talk him out of an early morning trip, with promises of the breakfast and Thomas the Tank Engine but that didn’t work. When I didn’t put his shoes on he decided to attempt it for himself, which was cute to watch but pretty frustrating to him. When I started working on breakfast he wandered off and I thought that was the end of it. But, moments later he emerged in the kitchen with my shoes, pointing at my feet.

When I tried to leave for work on my bike; Koa followed me with his helmet, ready for an adventure. He had to be physically restrained to keep him from tearing off down the street. Who knows where he was heading: the park, the shop, my work. I guess he’s an outdoors king of guy.

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