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The Poo Returns

I’ve had another poo-tastic week.

The other night, I arrived home from a late shift and got into bed with both my son and my wife already asleep. I didn’t turn the light on so as not to disturb my family. After a few minutes I noticed that the room was smelling a bit ‘poo-ey’.

Adlai was starting to stir, ready for his next feed, so I decided to change his nappy. To my surprise, after a little investigation I found no poo. Now quite awake, he looked at me with a certain amount of confusion and understandably demanded some food. It wasn’t until I got back into bed that I discovered the root of the smell: a used nappy had been left in my side of the bed. I’d been lying on top of it. When I pointed it out to Faith she acted surprised, but I’m not convinced it wasn’t put there as some kind of joke. Perhaps she planned it during one of the occasions she was awake feeding Adlai while I lay snoring beside her. In some ways, I can’t blame her.


No matter how hard we try it is physically impossible for all three of us to get out of the house before 11am. It doesn’t matter what time we get up or the order in which we do anything, it is always 11am. This week we decided to go to a shopping centre about a 30-minute drive from our house. We decided to stop at a McDonalds about 5 minutes into our journey. It was at this point Adlai, too, decided he was hungry. So, sat in the back of our car, he ate. Then he pooed. It sounded explosive. Fearing the worst, I decided to send Faith to the nearest shop and step up to the plate. So on the back seat of my car my son and I embarked on an adventure I’ll not forget in a hurry. At first it appeared to be a standard nappy change but the nappy had been unable to contain the explosion. All the clothes were a write-off and I had no choice but to attempt a complete outfit change. Adlai found the whole experience quite hilarious. Once fully clothed and back in his car seat we pressed on to our destination just in time to come home again.

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