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The Wedding

 Adlai has acclimatized to life in the USA brilliantly. I even think that his cry has adopted a Deep South drawl. If I have not mentioned it before, part of the reason for our trip to the USA was to come to my brother’s wedding, which also happens to be my wife’s sister’s wedding. Yep…my brother is marrying my sister-in-law.

Anyway, the week leading up to the wedding was a blur of activity. The reception was to take place in the garden of mother- and father-in-law, which meant there was plenty to do. Adlai largely took on the role of morale booster, providing timely smiles. He did an excellent job.

The day of the wedding came, and now Adlai has Uncle Uncle Dan, or, as Dan likes to refer to himself – Uncle Squared.

Adlai put on the performance of his lifetime in his special wedding suit. He was passed around to literally hundreds of people, most of whom I’d never met. He smiled and wiggled in ways which left everyone looking very satisfied. He fell asleep before the disco was done, but he made it longer than many.

So with the family tree firmly messed up, we turned our attention to the upcoming week…The Beach Trip.

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