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The Wild Adventure

When Faith and I got married we were determined to have a life full of adventure. We promised each other that we were up for anything as long as it didn’t get boring.

Eight years, two continents, two boys and five homes later, I can confirm that we have been true to our word – married life has been a lot of things but boring is not one of them.

I remember getting sweaty the first time I committed to a two-year phone contract. I didn’t even know which country I’d be living in in 6 months and I sure didn’t need a phone telling me what to do. Having a baby didn’t worry me. You can take them anywhere, right? They are just cute ‘carry-ons’. But, my babies are fast growing up and now I have a 4-year-old who will soon be going to school – he knows how to wink and tell jokes and he thinks he can whistle. He needs his own seat on a plane and a room to sleep in and a place to play.

I lay awake in the night thinking about school catchment areas and trying to figure out how we can buy a house where they can grow up for a little while. Somewhere I can put up a shelf and paint without asking someone else’s permission. Where I can fix the stuff that’s broken in a way where it won’t break again in a month.

My new adventure is the quest for a home. A place to be. A place of security and happiness for my family. A place where we will camp out in the garden and set off the fire alarms and put up Christmas trees and have Spiderman-themed parties…a place where we will have our wildest adventures yet.


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