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Time is a-changin.

The American adventure drew to a close after spending another week at Faith’s parents house. It was emotional.


The plane journey home was an adventure in and of itself. This time it was a night flight packed full of sweaty people all trying desperately to get some sleep. The duty free announcements, offers of food and drink, and the sight of people constantly shuffling to get comfortable proved far to interesting to Adlai for him to even think about sleep. He didn’t want to miss a thing.

The late night became early morning depressingly quickly as the time difference between the two countries meant that we effectively traveled forward in time. Adlai fell asleep just in time to be woken up by the landing. Then it was the sounds and lights of the airport, followed by the excitement of seeing his English Grandpa, which provided stimulation enough to keep Adlai’s eyes firmly open.

The following day I went back to work bleary-eyed, with absolutely no idea what time or day it was. I wasn’t the only one. Adlai wasn’t back at work, but he has really been struggling with the time change. The light evenings haven’t helped the situation either. I’ve been hanging all sorts of things over the windows in an attempt to block out any light. By the time I’ve gotten everything to stay in place it’s dark outside anyway, but if we need to relive the blitz… I’m ready.

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