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Touchdown in America

I’d forgotten how much I like America. The things that were annoying when we lived here now seem endearing

The frustration of Walmart monopolisation is now replaced with fascination. I can get my car serviced; buy brussel sprouts and a whole new wardrobe under one roof! Convenience to a new extreme.

Our first week Stateside has been packed with adventure. We’ve driven over 1000 miles to visit friends and family from the foothills of the Appalachians to the sandy beaches of the east coast. We’ve marvelled at the convenience of modern generica and wandered around the historic streets of Charleston. We’ve witnessed tractor rallies, wild swimming dolphins and fed horses hay. It’s already been an All-American Adventure.

The boys have barely stopped running and playing. Every tractor, horse, beach or truck is an adventure. Even the long car journeys give a perfect excuse to eat at one of the endless fast food restaurants and drive through sleepy southern towns. The locals stare at us as we speak and ask us ‘Where are y’all from?’ And we’re happy to tell them and they have plenty of time to listen.

For all the breathtaking scenery and the amazing burgers it’s the people that make this part of the world so special. The boys are making some great memories and cementing friendships from their other homeland. And it’s the people that I’ve missed the most and right now it’s good to be here.





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