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Welcome to the Third Trimester

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07 Sep 2010

 The big news this week is that we’ve waddled our way into the third trimester. According to the helpful emails we’ve been receiving from, my wife can look forward to piles, varicose veins and backache. Nice.

For me…well, it’s more of the same, but I can feel the baby’s movements more definitely. I have also been talking to the little fella through my wife’s belly button (it seemed like the logical place to talk into).

The baby has been pretty busy doing the growing thing. Apparently he now hiccups, which is a crazy thought. I’m not sure what that looks like but my wife thinks she’s felt it and confirmed that it does, as you’d expect, feel ‘weird’. The emails also said that my baby has wrinkled skin from floating in water… in my mind’s eye, he looks just like a mini old man.

In slightly un-baby realated news our boiler broke this week. In a truly manlike fashion I decided that I could probably fix it. Turns out I did… but only for about 3 hours and then it really really broke. We had to get one of those guys in that actually knows what they are doing. The first thing I wanted to do when it broke though was to call my dad, because dads can fix anything.

I want to be one of those dads.

So I better start reading the gas boiler instructions, because I have a lot to learn in one trimester.

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