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What the classroom can’t teach

Obviously I want my boys to learn how to read, write, count and all that good stuff…

But if I’m being honest it all falls short of what I really want my boys to know. And there’s only so much a school can teach – the rest lands at my feet. It’s my responsibility. And I’ve been feeling convicted that i don’t want to leave these lessons to chance…

So what do they really need to know?

I want them to feel secure and safe and know that I believe in them and that I’d do anything for them. And that before they even do anything, I am bursting with joy and pride. And because they are safe and secure I want them to have adventures and try things; to dream crazy dreams and head for them. To push themselves. To feel success and to learn from failure knowing that they are loved.

I want them to know that they are important and significant, unique – that they are not an accident. I want them to know that they have worth. That they are valuable. And because they are valuable and significant I want them to have confidence and inspire confidence in those around them. I want them to treat themselves and those around them with respect and speak value to everyone.

I want them to love community. I want them to know that we weren’t made to and don’t have to do life on our own. That depth of relationship is important and wonderful and awful and that that’s okay. And because community is important, I want them to know how to love people well. To champion others’ successes and share in others’ struggles.

I know it can’t be learnt in a classroom and that it’s down to me. Telling them isn’t going to be enough. There aren’t any short cuts. 

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