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Where On Earth Are You From?

Adlai doesn’t realise it yet, but he is a fortunate little fella…in lots of ways.  Adlai is as much cowboy as he is English gent, as much hot dog as cottage pie.  He holds a passport for the USA as well as the UK, which is quite the privilege.  Not that he seems to appreciate it yet, but he will.

 I will probably never hold both a UK and US passport.  In a strange, twisted turn of events, the US would apparently make me renounce my British passport in order to get a US one.  The British government, however, are a little more welcoming.  This week, Faith had to take another step toward dual citizenship by taking her Life in the UK test. 

In the build-up to it, she has been working her way through the substantial study guide.  She has been taking much pleasure in quizzing me on the makeup of government and what percentage of the population who say they are Christian (it’s 70%, by the way).  Some of the information she’s been reading to me has really been quite enlightening. 

The day of the test arrived and Adlai and I dropped her off at the centre.  We then happily found a McDonalds nearby, but we hadn’t had time to order a Happy Meal before, six minutes after starting the test, Faith was finished.  She informed us that she’d passed, so we decided to upgrade to Ikea meatballs; I had 20!  I was feeling extravagant.  Apparently the test was rather easier than she’d anticipated, so in a matter of minutes, Faith took a step toward becoming a little bit more English…on paper anyway.

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