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Why Better Cars Make Better Dads

Most of the cars I have owned are almost as old as me – But this week – thanks to the elderly lady who mistook an accelerator for a brake in Waitrose car park (and to my insurance company) I’ve been driving a car younger than Koa.

I’m not really a car person – well, I wasn’t a car person – but apparently cars have made some pretty impressive advancements in the last 15 years. And now I’m pretty sure having a better car will make me a better Dad.

Here’s why:

Sound System – So my last two cars had a cassette player and speakers which made most music sound as if I was listening to it through someone else’s headphones on a train. I was expecting a CD player – but my courtesy car has a fully integrated sound system – I don’t even know what that means. This makes me a better Dad because I can play all sorts of stories for entertaining children, I can turn any music up really loud drowning out any complaining (making me a happier and more patient dad) and I can play stories out of the back speakers only which gives me respite from said stories and stops me from going completely insane.

iPhone – Somehow this new car is friends with my iPhone. At the press of a button I can call Mummy, Nanny or Grandpa and hear them out of any speaker. So if I can’t appease my children myself, I am only a button away from someone who might be able to.

Rocket Action – The seats are low and the styling is slick so even if I do have to sit in the same traffic jams, my kids are fairly convinced they are sitting in a rocket, providing several minutes of entertainment on a stationary M1. Even with the best will in the world, my 2003 Meriva was never a rocket.

Magic Windows – Yep the new car has ‘Magic Windows’. All you have to do is point your hand at them (while Dad presses a button) and they go up or down. Again – hours of entertainment.

So you see, having a better car does make me a better dad. So it’s really too bad my Meriva was probably worth about £1000 when it was hit, because I can’t see myself being able to invest in a rocket-like vehicle with the insurance settlement I’m probably going to get. Ah well. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


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