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Your words mean nothing to me.

I have just come from a conversation between Faith, Adlai and myself. In total we managed two syllables. The syllable being pushed by Faith was ‘Ma-ma’, where as I was promoting ‘Da-da’. Adlai seemed to find the whole thing quite amusing, and thinking about it now I can see why.

Babies sure have to put up with a lot. People get right in their faces, say a whole bunch of syllables, which rarely add up into any kind of word and certainly not a sentence. After this outburst the baby is expected to make some kind of sound back and so the ‘conversation’ seems to go on. It’s a wonder that any of us ever learned to talk.

This week I began to read Adlai a book, a sure-fire way to help your child with words and err… ‘stuff’… you would have thought. When I first began to read I thought there was something wrong with my eyesight. It turns out that there is not and that the main character’s name really is ‘Igglepiggle’. If I remember correctly the first sentence was ‘Igglepiggle tiggle wiggle piggle’… I’m sorry – what? However, after a little perseverance, the story began to make sense and Adlai seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. It seems that Igglepiggle has built quite the empire. He has a TV show as well as books. I guess I’ve not seen the back of this character, he may well become a regular feature.

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