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VIDEO: Covid-19 and your kids



The UK Lockdown continues and it is really hard for families. Many parents have been made redundant or been asked to take furlough. Those still in work are struggling to work from home without childcare or are key workers facing their fears everyday on the frontline. 

It is hard to keep telling our children all will be well and sometimes hard to believe it ourselves. To help, spoke with Noel McDermott from the Psychotherapy Consultancy and asked him to use his experience as a therapist and co-parent to answer some questions about parenting our kids and coronavirus. We found his answers really useful and hope you do to…


Scared of Covid-19? This is why…

What do our kids think about Coronavirus?

Co-parenting in a Pandemic

How to talk to kids about coronavirus

UK Lockdown and communication


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About the Author

Noel McDermott brings innovation and more than 25 years of experience as founder of his mental health care companies. Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd offers counselling, advice and tailored support to individuals, couples, families and groups drawing from diverse experience and training, including cognitive behavioural, psycho-dynamic, arts and drama therapies.




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