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VIDEO: Parenting in a Pandemic- resilience



How are your kids doing?

You are probably feeling pretty anxious yourself right now (I am). I keep wishing it all away but know I have to process what the Covid-19 outbreak means for me and my kids.  If you are navigating the pressures of your job without schools or childcare or are working harder than ever in a key public service then you need to know that your kids will be alright. My kids are super emotional, they are definitely aware that something not good is happening and have even accepted that McDonalds has closed. So it really helped me listen in as Ian Soars our CEO asked Sarah Wallis (Fegans’ lead parent support worker) what we can do right now to build up all our children’s resilience. Hope it helps you too.


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Has your teen missed seeing their counsellor?

As the nation’s schools have shut, it is hard for children and young people to access the support they may have been having in school, so we are pleased to say that we are now taking counselling referrals for online counselling to start after the Easter holidays. Fegans is working hard to make sure we can continue to support as many families as possible during this time of Coronavirus lockdown. The sessions will be delivered by our qualified therapists using Zoom video conferencing technology during standard office hours and charged at the usual rate of £48 per hour.*

To make a referral please email with your phone number and your child’s name and date of birth and brief description of need. We will be in contact with you to book you in for a phone call with a counsellor to get further details. We will then be able to book your child’s first session.

*Trust funded bursaries are available to help those unable to meet the full cost of therapy.

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VIDEO: Covid-19 and your kids

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