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    Peter Andrews Tuesday, 14 November 2017

    Blocking all access

    Hi my name is pete and for the past 11 years i have provided for my 2 daughters within arrangements both my ex partner and i agreed to. Now i have a new partner she has blocked all access of communication and rufesed to talk to me regarding visiting my youngest aged 11, she has now applied for maintenance which was not the agreement in our divorce but no court order. Please advise as im permanently serverly disabled and my new partner has made 16 hours of work for me from her buisness so as to allow me to have some dignity.

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    stevie holden Saturday, 09 June 2018

    child maintenance contact

    My ex partner has opened a claim with the CMS after 12 years of me paying her by direct debit monthly. my son is 14, when he was born she refused to have my name put on the birth certificate even though we were together at the time until my son was 2 years old, so she could claim as a single parent and what ever other benefits come with this status. What im asking is, by making a claim on me even though I've paid every month for 12 years and her claiming as a single parent will this be taken into consideration when working out the claim ? will this open a can of worms for my ex as she in effect has been claiming my son not having a father and receiving monthly from myself through the bank?

    any help or advice with this would be much appreciated

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    Martin Sunday, 22 July 2018


    I pay maintenance and am wondering if anyone knows how the cms work it out. ive used their calculator and it works our different to what I work out.
    the difference is mainly in my weekly income. I am paid monthly and work it out at a months wages, times that by 12 (months) then divided by 52 (weeks).
    just wondering if im doing this right
    thank you

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    Dave Croft Wednesday, 17 October 2018


    Hi Martin
    CMS are not very helpful, you are doing right but even though you can self calculate I found out to my horror that although they ask for "Income" and take the HMRC official amount, they then add on ANY BENEFIT IN KIND - ie Company Car etc - I cannot find anywhere on website confirming this but they ahve told me verbally - i think is wrong but it will mean ALL calculations are wrong.
    I don't understand why my ex should take more money based on company car benefit which is used for work 95% of the time and for the kids when I have them, I wish someone could explain clearly, but it may explain your differing calculation vs CMS calculation


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