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After 4 years thinking I am the father of my 4 year old son,DNA test says I am not!!!!

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After separating from my partner,for some reason I felt I should have a dna test,so I sent off the dna test and I am not his biological father,broken hearted,angry,sad,I am in bits but as far as I am concerned mason is my boy,BUT do I have any rights at all???
M has had no contact with his biological dad as he wants no contact with M,I have asked m mum to put me on the birth certificate,as a safeguard to me continuing to see m,I have been having m to stay 4 nights a week,which his mum agreed with but then she decides to stop all contact between me and m but then changes her mind and says I can have him

M is my absolute world he is my son as far as I’m concerned,I love him unconditionally,and he loves me too and I’m his daddy as far as he’s concerned,but I need reassurance or advice as to what to do so I can continue seeing m without his mum changing her mind it’s almost every4 days she messes me about,please help I don’t know which way to turn,I can not lose my son who I have brought up since birth😩😩😔😔😔

Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2021 2:06 am

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