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CAFCASS - joke!

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I Have JUST SUBMITTED AN EMAIL TO CAFCASS IN RELATION TO THERE P** POOR WORK ON THE ARRANGEMENTS  -  My court date is in may and they are doing nothing to support me. No convictions  - No domestic violence  - No mental health issues for the children yet I haven't seen my children since boxing day and now I have to wait until MAY FOR THE COURT DAY - raging here's the email .....


In relation to my children, I feel that I am being let down by CAFCASS, On boxing day I seen my daughters** aged 14 and ** 10, Since Boxing day I have not seen my daughters. This is because the girls mum emailed ** of the girls wishes as they are felt stressed. I was due to have them for a final block of 6 hours every other week. Then go to overnight stay. ** stopped this after an email from the girls mum. Yet this was set aside in the court order before the next court date of May. I asked ** for an Email stating what the girls had said to her for a copy to my solicitor. This was flatly refused on the phone, as she stated that she was scared what I would with the data. I heard nothing from ** until I text her on the Tuesday 15th Feb at 18.14pm ASKING her for an update. By this point ** has not made any other communication with myself. 2 days later I received a text from her explaining that she been off for a couple of days and that she is getting an update from the girls themselves and that she would get back to me. 5 days later on the 22nd Of Feb she messaged me to say that she had spoken to the girls and that they wish for the current arrangements to continue. I feel that I am being let down yet again by CAFCASS and not following the guide that was set out by the court, I feel I am  not supported nor no effort is being made from ** or by CAFCASS to support me with my case. 


On Thursday 24th I spoke to my girls as per 7.00pm phone call and asked them if they had spoken to the girls. ** replied No dad I haven't, and ** had text her asking if she was happy to continue the current arrangements, There was no phone call, there was no zoom/Facetime, there was no face to face with ** I asked ** the same question that have you heard from ** she replied  No dad I haven't, and ** had text her asking if she was happy to continue the current arrangements, There was no phone call, there was no zoom/Facetime, there was no face to face with **. I am utterly disappointed that this how we communicate with a 14 and 10 year old to discuss current arrangements. There is no mental health records with the doctors for either of the girls. There is records from the school that they have mental health issues, yet these are the reasons that ** has told me that the girls don't want to come. I expressed to ** that there is no domestic violence involved and there is no police actions ever been took against me. ** still believes that she is putting the interest of the girls first. She explained to me in the beginning she's used a term which she quoted "If a child ask what they would like for dinner everyday they would choose McDonald's, yet this is not always the right choice for children" she is allowing the girls to make decisions and showing no support towards me. All I am seeing is ** is riding this out to the court date in May and not making any contact or arrangements to see my children. After I raised concerns with ** through email, I have repeatedly asked her on the phone for a response and to this day I still do not have the answers for? All I want to do is see my girls after a divorce, I am the one who has requested a child arrangement order, yet I am the one not seeing my children. I am disappointed in the system.  I am disappointed with the lack of support from CAFCASS and I am yet again disappointed with **. I would like my case looked at  by another CAFCASS officer and a response from my previous email to ** - Which I have not had. I have followed the rules, I have followed the rules of the court. Yet here I am with no arrangement to see my children.



Father to ** and **

Dads have rights too 

Topic starter Posted : 28/02/2022 1:04 pm
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Am sorry to hear your having a tough time. Unfortunately if you have a very difficult ex partner to deal with, quite often they behave this way and want the court process to run it's course.

The court hearing in May will be your first one? Also Cafcass did an initial phone call and sent you their safeguarding letter?

Posted : 28/02/2022 2:46 pm

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