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Ex saying kids done want to come

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So bit of background been through court got the order, ex broke order went for enforcement got a altered arrangers order, just taken kids to Disney land come back as ex has kicked off at everything she saying the kids don't want to come anymore (they are 6 and my eldest is just about to turn 9) when I go to pick them up on a Monday for swimming the tell me they don't want to come same on a Wed for football and tea they want there mum to take them, my eldest is texting my gf saying he hates her (we've been together 4 n half years), I'm lost at what to do I can't get them on there own to speak to them as they won't leave there mother, if I put in a enforcement order again then will they take into consideration what the children say about not wanting to come here, I just can't loose everything, any advice welcome

Topic starter Posted : 27/04/2022 7:05 am
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that sounds terrible. I find it very unusual especially for the 6 year old child stating they don't want to see you. maybe there is possibility the mother is manipulating them, because she does not like your partner. if you want to apply for enforcement, you could and also ask court can their social workers (cafcass) do a welfare report to find out the childrens wishes/views and why they are refusing to see dad.

Posted : 27/04/2022 2:27 pm
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@bill337 god knows what has been said to the kids when we got back  off holiday, BM is saying she's asking the kids if they want her or me to take them swimming/football even though it's set out in the court order that it's my time and they're saying they want her to take them, I normally have them EOW but she's saying they don't want to come not seen them now in a month 2 court cases down and the court order isn't worth the paper it's written on 

Topic starter Posted : 27/04/2022 4:42 pm
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I would let her in only for kids related matters.

Posted : 28/04/2022 11:39 am
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@tryingdad2boys Thats very sad for you and it does sound as though there is some parental alienation taking place.  Could you speak to the school and explain the situation?  This may be causing the children to be upset at school and it could be helpful for them to understand the situation.  You may have to go back to court.  I have seen a Judge threaten prison to a mother who didn't comply with a contact order.

Posted : 28/04/2022 9:24 pm

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