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Help for dad paying maintenance following breach of court order

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Please can you help offer advice:

my husband is paying huge amount of maintenance for one child who lives with his mum. Other child lives with us and he gets no maintenance for this child as mother does not work. 
We have another child between us who lives with us. 
A court order removed both children from her care several years ago but two years ago the eldest chose to move back and the mother then claimed maintenance  (we never received any maintenance when they both lived with us)  


when both boys lived with us we moved to a large house so they could each have own bedroom. We are still living here but it is not affordable now due to paying high maintenance for one child and receiving nothing for the other. 

mother has previously agreed to a private arrangement but now she has a bigger council house she is asking to go through CMS for more money. 
this situation seems so unfair. 
we are struggling when the children were originally removed from her care. please can you help. Thanks. 

Topic starter Posted : 16/02/2023 12:21 pm
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Hi. How old are children?

Posted : 19/02/2023 11:40 am

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