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House doesn't feel like my place since son has come

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HI im new to this group but im glad i found it, i have been feeling really bummed about something recently happening regarding my son, you see me an my wife separated a year ago and after not being  present on my child's life for the good part of said year wife and i decided to share custody and even trying to fix our problems, so my son now spends all the time on my house, since his mom has to take care of his grandma now and can't take care of him aparently.

The thing is since mi son is here i have been noticing all the stuff a kid needs and specially an small one like mine (3yo) and i have spent the good part of a week spending a tonnofn money  on stuff i didn't needed before making adjustments moving everything to acustom my house to the needs of my kid and recently i started feeling this is not my house anymore, this is not my fortress my refuge this is my son's house now, everything needs to be considered around him and i feel bad for it and i feel even worst for feeling that way like "Come on dude its your son you should be so happy about this"  but im not, i feel like im loosing my place and with that im loosing myself.

Topic starter Posted : 14/08/2022 4:08 am
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Its a big adjustment to make so your feelings are very normal.  Can you arrange a nursery or some sort of activity for your son so you get some time off?  When September comes perhaps there's a playgroup he can go to.  Sports Centres have sessions for younger ones so that may be a possibility.  Do you have family nearby to help? Is there a local branch of Gingerbread?  Go to the library and see what's on offer for 3 year olds.  Some have story time sessions he might like.  You both need time out from each other.  Keep his toys out of your bedroom so you have your sanctuary.  Good luck with it.  

Posted : 14/08/2022 7:34 am

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