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Interim custody order ex gf sectioned

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Good evening,

Just some words of advice or if anybody could shed light on possible outcomes.on 18th Sept 2023 my ex gf got reported to social services after unknown person noticed very odd behavior from her and long story short she got taken away to a mental health unit.I was on the phone to social/nurses explaining I'm happy to provide my son with a home as I have parental responsibility I took him in and got a urgent hearing applying for him to live with me on Sept 25th.


The outcome was that due to my ex being in hospital they can only do a interim court order for him to live with me for 8 weeks and in the meantime I have full backing from social worker for him to live with me on the cafcass report after she came to our home.8th Nov I got another interim order for another 8 weeks till circa early January 2024


My question is how many interim court orders will they keep doing as the social worker fully backs son to live here and I can meet all his needs it feels like to me they are wasting time in the hope she gets better by giving me temp orders one after another.Fingers crossed Jan 2024 permanent custody 



1.Ex Sectioned under Mental health

2.Cafcass report notes social worker backs son to live her and no safeguarding concerns 

3.She has not got family support and her mum/sister etc support me

4.Son is now really settled and been here since September and starting to call my place home 

Topic starter Posted : 08/12/2023 10:05 pm
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you must be very happy for child to be living with you. Are CAFCASS going to be doing a section 7 report? I have been dealing with a similar case of a dad who had sole custody of child, where mother was deemed unfit to care for child due to mental health and other issues. social services provided lot of support to mother and recommended a 50/50 child arrangement, which was the outcome. I think if they don't see any improvement in mother and child is well settled at your place, then it's possible they make a final order for child to live with you.

Posted : 09/12/2023 7:37 pm
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Hello Bill 


The Advice to the court says



children's Services are in the process of concluding their assessment, and I would
suggest that they file the outcome of their assessment with the court. If the
assessment does not address the relevant issues in this matter, I would suggest
the court order Cambridgeshire Children's Services to undertake a Section 7 


So like you say I think they are still monitoring I'm just so used to him living with me now drama free fingers crossed 3rd hearing January will be the resolution.The social worker on our case fully back his living situation with me too in the report however what's still pending is currently still waiting for police report from my ex.


Shortly before being sectioned she threatened her neighbour with a knife and her boyfriend still living at the address has been reported for smoking weed in the house.She has not taken her medication since meeting and moving  him in Jan 2023

Topic starter Posted : 09/12/2023 10:05 pm
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In due course I expect the court will want your son to have some contact with his mother.  This should be supervised at a contact centre in view of the past history or by video calls

Posted : 10/12/2023 9:42 am

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