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[Solved] The Future?

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Hello all, sorry if this is the wrong section, but I don't know what else to do.

Me and my partner broke up last year when our daughter was 5 months old.

Because she won't let me have access I took her to the family court (tried Mediation but she never turned up for the appointment). Me, my ex and the courts agreed I could see our daughter but only at a Family meeting centre because of my lack of experience with children. She was 11 months by then, and I hadn't seen her for 6 months.

We soon stopped using the centre and my ex allowed me to see our daughter, under her supervision, but since Christmas Day 2019 things have changed. She makes it hard to see our daughter, since the lockdown she won't let me see her. I text asking how our daughter is, I get one word answers and then 1.5 hours of messages saying our daughter doesn't need me, why am I bothering and why don't I move away. She hopes my parents get Convid 19 and my sister deserved to die because of her cancer.

I've tried bringing up The Parenting Plan Cafcass recommend but she's not interested. Now she texts me random questions (What car does my brother in law drive, what time does my mum go out, what am I doing for VE Day) when I ask how our daughter is she doesn't answer and instead texts me more questions (What did my mate say to me in February, is my neighbour celebrating Easter)

I was going to go to Citizen Advice for advice on what rights have I got about seeing our daughter? and do I have to answer all her questions? But since the Virus hit there all shut.

Does anyone know if I have any rights and do I have to answer all her questions?

Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2020 1:19 am
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sound like she may have some mental health issue. i remember one time when someone sent me like 80 text messages in the space of an hour lol, full of threats. ended up reporting to police, and they helped person out. got them sectioned and got mental health treatment. now that person is very normal and calm.

a lot of us dads are being prevented from seeing the kids, because of covid19. if she is not allowing you to see kids, the least she must do is allow you to have video calls. thats the guidance from family court. so if she not allowing you to see kids or have video calls, then you can take this back to court. make an application for enforcement.

and no you don't have to answer all her questions, as its got nothing to do with your child.

Posted : 09/05/2020 1:50 am
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She may not be able to handle your breakup.

In any case, yes you have rights. Go to the court and obtain an order, file a C100.

Posted : 09/05/2020 2:03 am
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Don't have any conversation whatsoever with your ex unless its about your child. I would try and arrange mediation and if unsuccessful fill out a c100 to get contact. I am hoping you are on birth certificate etc because if you are not that may cause a few complications as well.

If you do ending up going to family court and get a date it wouldn't do you no harm enrolling on a parenting course with barnados or someone else with child being so young. That will stop her raising issues and will give you valuable knowledge for any potential challenges that lay ahead being a parent.
With your child being under 2 or only just 2 if ex is causing problems ,contact will only normally be for a few hours to start with and then built up in a phased way gradually,

Posted : 09/05/2020 2:44 am
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Thank you everyone. I thought I'd never get any advice.

Topic starter Posted : 10/05/2020 1:37 am

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