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Threats of reducing contact

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@hopefuldad I really apricate you getting back to me.


Thats so much help I would agree going to be about a year. I really hope you get your situation sorted i feel so much for you guys having to have to go through all these lengths just to see your children. Going to be a long year i think for most of us, its a shame they use the kids as a weapon. Looks like i wont be seeing my niece now till court decided as he has no legal rights at all so no doubt will be a longer process. The womans completely destroyed him yet will still expect the money each month! 

Posted : 15/10/2021 10:40 am
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Hey so 6 months after first starting this thread and after allegations of domestic abuse, Coercion , alienation and having my time with the children reduced to weekends only. We had our final hearing yesterday in relation to the children ( finances are next month). 


The court agreed to a joint living arrangement where the children spend more or less equal time with each parent. Fixed days. Its been a long journey and so many ups and downs but i feel very happy with the outcome. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me directly or on here . My takeaways are as follows 


1.) A Solicitor is helpful to help you understand what is realistic and if you are unsure about yourself, id definitely have one to help better understand the lay of the land. I self represented in the Court and as a long as you can articulate yourself properly stay level headed , and dont let emotion take over I think its possible to self represent but if you think it could get heated than maybe think again. 


2.) The court ( in my experience) Really didnt care about all the fluff and mud slinging , they barely even acknowledged it they just looked at whats in the childrens best interest. If there is no reason why they shouldnt stay with you then hold onto that instead of throwing mud back. 


3.) My Ex claimed our son couldnt be away from her for more than 3 nights during term time , but also wanted us to split term time 50/50 with her happy for them to spend 2 weeks with me during the summer. The court claimed if she was happy for that during the summer then there was no truth to her statement during term time. 

4.) The court decision is final ,if you feel like you are being messed around or out of control of the situation , start the court process even if it doesnt go completely in your favour at least its sorted , and you can move on with your life. 



Again , any questions please let me know. on to the financial order 🙂 .




Topic starter Posted : 01/04/2022 8:14 am
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