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Arrears but we have...
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Arrears but we have one son she has another

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I’m hoping you can help. My partner has two sons with his ex partner and in March 2020 his eldest came to live with us leaving the other son to live with their mom. Prior to that my partner paid above what CSA asked him to pay but with Myles living with us now that money is funding Myles so we don’t actually give any money to her on the basis that we have one and she and her partner has the other. 

She isn’t happy about this and will not contribute towards Myles but has asked us to contribute towards Jacob and because we refused she asked CSA for an income variation. So my partner submitted his income proof and he also asked for them to get her to prove her income too (she thinks he’s on mega bucks and I think she wants my salary counted but I don’t think she can as they aren’t mine technically). Not to mention where her fella is in this equation but never mind….


Since then my partner has sent numerous messages in the CSA account and they never respond. He then got a call from them and they said he now owes £600 plus apparently dating back to last year which we didn’t know nor have had a letter. In fact the first we knew of an issue was when she asked for my partner to prove his income. They said it doesn’t matter and he needs to pay.

What can we do to resolve it? I was going to draft a complaint letter but is there something I can use as an angle to get them to drop the arrears? I will use any tactic like the fact we never got a letter about this apparent arrears and how slow they are being. It really begrudges us paying it and don’t want to get it to a collection stage but we both feel it’s not right. She even has started monitoring what Myles eats when he stays with her (current arrangement is we both sides have both kids every other weekend). 

Topic starter Posted : 26/07/2021 11:13 pm

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