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Arrears help *made to pay twice*

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I've been paying my csa sinse 2019 every week without fail , I went onto universal credit due to losing my job but left the csa payments ongoing.

I then got a new job and have been there sinse , then I got a letter saying I'm in 1200 arrears,  my baby mum has said sinse I started working again I was paying her privately , which is not true I have a standing order with the reference "csa"

The amount I've been paying weekly was reduced  to what I have been paying her , so basically I'm being asked to pay what I've already paid when I've initially overpaid  

Just after any advice as they don't care to much and can the arrears that ain't actually arrears be removed !? 

Topic starter Posted : 13/06/2021 8:23 am
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I would certainly ask them for a calculation of how the arrears have been arrived at. I'd put it onto the portal (so there's a record of it) that you have already paid, but see if you can speak to someone directly as well.

Posted : 13/06/2021 9:54 am

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