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Can the Mother know my income without CMS

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Good evening 


Just bit of a puzzle I was paying £60 per week child maintenance via private agreement well long storey short after we had a brief argument my ex said "speaking of money can you pay £65 per week like you're supposed to" She said had a letter however how is that possible if I don't get any letter,she was correct as when I put my salary in GOV calculator I should be paying £65 so changed the standing order.


She won't tell me who it's from but I'm guessing CMS is the only way she would know my Income,she opened a case in 2021 but then closed it once she found out I was paying the correct amount straight away and when I log in it says CLOSED also in the annual review section says £0 so nothing been left open.

Topic starter Posted : 27/06/2022 5:39 pm
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it's likely she opened another case with CMS and they did a quick check of your income, then maybe she told them to close it. other way is maybe she knows someone at your workplace that works in HR/Finance? bit of a long shot.

Posted : 27/06/2022 6:41 pm

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