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Can they force a back payment for a private agreement?

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Hi All,

I use to get on well with my ex and we decided we would use the CMS online calculator to calculate the monthly payments I would make. I have sent her money every month apart from a couple of months where I was out of work.

I have financially struggled at times and had to borrow money off family and friends so I haven't always informed her of any pay increases I have recieved at work. I am wandering if she were to go through CMS if they would force back payments at all since it was a private agreement between us and CMS was not involved in any way?

There is a growning situation which I want to fight her on but my concern is she will end up going through CMS if she loses. Doe's anyone have any experience with this?


Topic starter Posted : 04/05/2021 3:51 pm
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if your ex were to sign up to CMS, they will not make you do back-dated payments before the join date. I would suggest to keep the arrangements private as much as possible. With CMS, they will make you pay more when you get pay rise, bonus or do over-time.

Posted : 04/05/2021 3:59 pm
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CMS only start claims from date your ex decides to get in touch with them. I would try and have another chat with ex to see if u can resolve though. A private arrangement is much better than cms being involved

Posted : 04/05/2021 4:59 pm
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Thank you all for your input, the current situation is not about child maintenance but a deed poll request which I now feel more comfortable challenging knowing she can't decide to go through CMS to try and get back at me for it.

Topic starter Posted : 04/05/2021 7:26 pm

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