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Child Benefit organisation's relationship with CSA - it's broken

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Based in Scotland. I know there have been threads before but the Child Benefit Office are still paying my ex child benefit even although daughter has left school. We are estranged however I have heard through family members that she is indeed no longer in Education or Further Education. CSA have made it clear that they do not need to prove it but they take her word for it. How can this be? So I will have to continue paying monthly until I can get evidence but the Education Department refuse to give you any information as she is over 16 (GDPR).   The system truly doesn't work. We have reported her for Benefit Fraud but does anyone actually investigate this. Flawed system. It's not ideal being estranged but when all they see you as is a cash cow then you have no option! Any helps gratefully received. 

Topic starter Posted : 22/09/2021 3:53 pm
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Unfortunately, the system doesn't seem to pursue fraudulent claims, which means that your ex is getting money under false pretences from both you and the state. I would chase up the benefits office occasionally, but I'm afraid that beyond that, you are stuck in the system as it is. Until the state imposes punitive fines for fraud (a multiple of the money taken), I don't see a change ahead.

Posted : 22/09/2021 5:53 pm
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If you are young, you have potential, enough financial resources; it would be better to adopt a child. But if you are retired and want to help a child, invest your knowledge and love, then foster a child. That's what my wife and I do through . Anyway, if you're a foster parent, you're attached to the kid, and those four months aren't enough for you. Eventually, you will end up adopting him because you will already consider him your child. Or to adopt or foster children who have been subjected to violence, have not had a family to be with, need someone to provide them with this emotional comfort.

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